Gotta have our Plonkers
Plonker: Fun-loving, silly, light-hearted, simple.
1. noun, Someone who enjoys the simple things in life.
2. adj, Classy but silly. Being easily brought to laughter.

You can find our popcorn in grocery stores across the northwest. Interested in selling Plonkers Popcorn?
The Original Plonker
Darrell Hammond is the founder of Plonkers Popcorn. Darrell started his love for popcorn many years ago as a child... then his wife started making gourmet popcorn for the holidays and he wanted to improve on the popcorn. He would come home from a day at work as a contractor and enjoy his time in the kitchen working on his new favorite flavor. Darrell is local to the pacific northwest and loves all the things the PNW has to offer. He is known by all his friends and family as the Popcorn Man.